Submissions 2018

The Heritage in Motion Awards recognises innovative multimedia projects which promote, explore or safeguard Europe’s cultural heritage, and open up exciting new routes for audiences into heritage collections.

Winner of the Best Achievement Award 2018


It was one of the greatest civilizations in the world, known for its brutality, genius and thirst for power. For centuries it has ruled a quarter of the world's population, extending from the Middle East to the Iberian Peninsula, from North Africa to Britain. This is the history of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Two thousand years later, many remains of this civilization still lie among us. But not all of them are underground. Here, at the far end of the Roman territory, there’s a place where you can travel in time and discover the genius of Rome. The PO.RO.S, Museu Portugal Romano in Terras de Sicó, is the ideal place to better understand the history of this epic conquest. In an …

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  • Film & Video

    Romera Diseño e Infografia S.L.

    We are proud to show you our winning videomapping for St. Petersburg Festival of Lights 2017. We were selected to participate in the contest St. Petersburg Festival of lights 2017. One of the most important mapping festivals in the world, with several categories and buildings. In our case, the projection was made on the famous Hermitage, one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Thanks to the vote of the public we are winners. Content reated by Romera Diseño y Infografia. The Festival of Lights is one of many projects initiated by the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development and dedicated to encourage tourism in Saint Petersburg. Production by Non-profit Partnership …

  • App

    Alexander Lavrov

    Bridge between past and future - new museum for new generation by it`s hands. It is the project with 10 years long digital history and with about the century physical world story. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is a museum complex that is currently in possession of one of the largest world art collections from Ancient Egypt and Greece to our days. The idea of creating a Museum quarter on Volkhonka Street was conceived by Ivan Tsvetaev, the founder of the Museum. In 2014, a competition was held for the architectural concept of the Museum quarter, in which the project Rhizosphere won. After the completion of the reconstruction project, nine museums will operate on the territory …


  • Film & Video

    Lien Aerts

    Seventy years ago, the first Italians arrived in Limburg, to serve as foreign workforces in the Limburg mines. They left their country, family and friends, in search of work and a new future. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Italian migration to Belgium, and specifically to the Belgian province of Limburg, in the context of the coal industry, the character Ief Postino (Ief the postman) saw the light of day. Ief Postino makes a warm appeal to the community in Limburg to write a letter to an acquaintance, family member, friend or similar in Italy. In the letter, they write a personal message or relate a story. Ief Postino picks up the letter and listens to the …

  • Film & Video

    Sergio Pereira

    By the late First Century BC, the end of peninsular wars and the Roman administrative organization made Conimbriga the center of a vast territory, which encompassed the area between the rivers Mondego and Arunca. This centrality attracts people with new lifestyles and knowledge that boost an unprecedented progress. Similar to Rome, the city was set around a municipal senate and its officers, who handled the resolution of any matters related to the city’s supply, defense of territory and fulfillment of the needs of its inhabitants.

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Wieke Schrakamp

    The Canon of Dutch History, an overview of 5000 years of history of the Netherlands, comes to life in a new presentation in the Dutch Open Air Museum in Arnhem (NL). This 2000 m2 permanent presentation, developed in close partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, opened in September 2017. The main aim of the Canon of Dutch History is to offer an immersive insight into the highs and lows of the Dutch past. It was not the aspiration to embody the entire history, but to provide a dynamic, contemporary introduction. The exhibition is set to increase awareness, but at the same time it aims to inspire visitors to delve deeper, for instance through visiting other museums in the Netherlands…

  • Games & Interactive experiences


    ROBOCASE creates a unique interaction between the audience and the objects while bringing their stories to life. The ROBOCASE brings objects closer to the visitor. The visitor can explore their chosen object alongside a multimedia presentation on the touchscreen. ROBOCASE surprises the visitor by presenting objects in a narrative manner by bringing them together in various storylines. Thematically grouped or randomly picked, the ROBOCASE can present the objects in the way that the visitor prefers. Every kind of item in a collection, large or small, can be integrated within the case and displayed to the public.

  • Film & Video

    Tinker imagineers

    TIRPITZ transforms and expands a German WWII bunker into a museum complex compromising 4 exhibitions within a single structure, seamlessly embedded into the shorelands of Blåvand, Denmark. Visitors experience a scenic journey through time and space of West Jutland that comes to life following the rhythms of nature. Every gallery has its own rhythm beating in sync with its storyline: high and low tide, night and day, good and bad, hot and cold, the passing of time. West Coast Stories, the daylight gallery that focuses on 100,000 years of west coast history, is turned into a nighttime 4D theatre twice an hour. The dune landscape in West Coast Stories is the ultimate teaser to discover the …

  • Games & Interactive experiences


    interactive, participatory experience Ludwig Erhard is known as the father of the social market economy, a form of economy currently taken to the next level. The exhibition at the Ludwig Erhard Center in Fürth, documents life and work of the German post-war politician. The new annex building sets his famous philosophy in context with today’s social and economic topics. DIGITAL FUTURE SPACE is an environment to contemplate the future. Especially young audiences are playfully introduced to topics like globalization, digitization, demographic change and sustainability. As the world gains density, are we all irreversibly connected? Are we transparent target groups or secured …

  • App


    The BOURDELLE project is a photorealistic VR App between docu-fiction and virtual gamified visit, in the heart of the sculptor Bourdelle's studio. It offers a hybrid narration, where the audience explore the place to discover the artist through a visual, sound, spatial and sensitive experience. With a VR headset, the visitor immerses himself in the world of Bourdelle. He will be able to explore the sculptor’s studio and gradually, by approaching and manipulating statues, objects and tools, he will discover the life and the work of Bourdelle : sound narrative, photos, videos, 3D characters and new spaces. It is the manipulation which favors the appropriation by the visitor, to make him …

  • App

    Madeline Kreßler

    Experience art digitally - before, during and after the visit . Before you visit the Museum Barberini, you can use the Barberini app to find out more about exhibitions or you can explore the museum in 360° panoramas that promise multimedia content. If you want to avoid waiting at the cash desk, buy your tickets in the app. Listen to exciting audio tours during your visit and intuitively navigate around the house with your smartphone. Favorite exhibits can be saved in a favorites list. After the visit you have the opportunity to listen to this content. In the archive of the app you will also find works and audio tours of past exhibitions.

All Submissions

  • Film & Video

    M Larkin

    A QR Code triggered video tour consisting of 10 points of interest linking the structural heritage of Roscommon town to the stories of its people. The stories of Roscommon Town's historic buildings are passionately recounted by locals from the area and vividly portrayed by footage of the fascinating and sometimes hidden features of these structures. All that is needed to take part, is a mobile device with a QR Code Reader App and a love of Heritage. Easily accessible by scanning QR Codes on discrete signs at the points of interest, the viewer discovers when the landmarks were built, who founded them and their purpose through the ages. Anecdotes and folklore relating to the sites are …

  • App

    Rasmus Lybæk

    One game for all museums The Museum Mystery is a fun and educational game that motivates children aged 6-12 to explore the museum, solve riddles and help Professor Blom save one of the museum's most valuable cultural treasures from the cunning thief, Heidenreich. The game is played on your smartphone through the Useeum app but mainly takes place in the physical space in the museum. It motivates the players to lift their eyes from the screen and find specific places and artefacts in the museum in order to win the game. The Museum Mystery can be adapted to any museum, focusing on the specific themes and artefacts of each museum. The game ties all participating museums …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Gurinder Singh Mann

    A project that brought forgotten relics, including the original version of the infamous Koh-i-noor diamond, to life. The project on the Anglo Sikh Wars showcased forgotten relics and artefacts from the battles that pitched the Sikh Empire and the East India Company in the nineteenth century. Many of the relics had never been seen before in public. Various objects were recreated in 3D including swords, shields, flags, breastplates, quoits and medals. This allowed visitors to explore these objects through a touchscreen monitor as well as seeing them come alive through augmented reality technology. Visitors were also able to see 3D printed objects through arts and crafts sessions held …

  • App

    Charlotte Bosman

    We launched a virtual reality tour of Anne Frank's hiding place: Anne Frank House VR. The tour gives a uniquely immersive experience of the hiding place of Anne Frank and the seven other people in the Secret Annex. In the tour all the rooms of the Secret Annex are furnished in the style of the time spent in hiding. The tour lasts for around 25 minutes, is available in seven languages and can be downloaded free of charge from the Oculus Store. Anne Frank House VR shows the furnished rooms of the Secret Annex. Force Field VR has used the latest VR visualisation technology in combination with intensive manual work to arrive at a photorealistic result, all on the basis of extensive …

  • Film & Video


    The exhibition offers three approaches to the past: TERRA, HOMO and NATURA. Each section presents the exhibits in a narrative as well as poetical way. Media on-demand provides information in a very sophisticated and touching way.

  • App

    Alexander Diakomanolis

    Walk the Wall Athens is a bilingual app that allows the user to wander, literally and metaphorically, through the streets of Athens and to discover the traces of the ancient city wall. The app will take you to squares and narrow streets, lead you down the basements of buildings, it will have you look through glass floors and shop windows, all the while providing you with a beautifully narrated audio tour and additional specialised information in the form of texts, images and drawings. From a total of 180 sites, in which remains of the ancient fortifications have been revealed so far, the interactive map will guide you step by step to the 35 Points of Interest (POIs), which have been …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Mascha Dammers

    FLYING OVER 17TH CENTURY AMSTERDAM What would a seagull have seen flying over Amsterdam's incredibly busy 17th century harbour? 'Dare to Discover | A VR journey' takes visitors on an emotional journey to the vibrant atmosphere of the Golden Age. It is the first museum experience in which VR is a social experience. With surround sound, special effects, dazzling motion graphics and the impressive digital reconstruction of the 17th century port of Amsterdam, visitors are experiencing what it must be like to visit the world’s busiest harbour in the Golden Age. You feel the wind as you fly, hear the sounds of the activity in the harbor as part of an emotional soundtrack, and the …

  • Film & Video

    Geir O. Klover

    The Fram Museum in Oslo has been one of the most popular museums in Norway since it opened in 1936. The museum is dedicated to the exploration of the Polar Regions. The main attractions of the museum are the polar exploration ships Fram and Gjøa. The highlight for the visitors, has always been the possibility of going onboard Fram and see the facilities where the explorers lived and worked in the ice. In 2018, we have made Fram expedition ready, fitted her out as she was during her famous expeditions. All the cabins, the galley, the workshop, the toilet, the engine room and the storage spaces are dressed with stores and personal equipment, look-a-like figures, sounds …

  • Film & Video

    Riitta Nelimarkka

    EERO NELIMARKKA – per aspera ad astra. Documentary film about the Finnish painter (1891-1977) with a strong French influence. The aim of the project is use the form of a film to make the life’s work of the major Finnish artist, Professor Eero Nelimarkka, more widely known, so as to reveal a new, radical, European side to the life and oeuvre of this artist who has been seen as a patriotic peasant. It also reveals more generally the influence radiating out from European art movements of the start of the 20th century on the life of a country that was then hidden away in the Baltic, an influence that continues to be a vital force right up to the present day. The material for this film …

  • App

    Léon Wennekes

    The invisible Roman past visualized with a unique APP Nijmegen: the oldest town in The Netherlands and its close villages south of the town were once the most civilized area of the Roman empire in the Netherlands. The town (Noviomagus), a huge army place (XX-legion), thriving villages and huge estates were common in the area. Unfortunately, there is virtually nothing left of this rich heritage. Here’s where this APP comes in. It’s a biking tour in three stages. Every stage has its own topics and with GPS this APP brings the following content to the target group of families: - Cycle to your own (virtual) archaeological treasures on specific GPS locations and literally excavate …

  • Film & Video

    Luca Agnani

    Video mapping 3d on the winter palace for the 500th anniversary of the Russian revolution

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Karlien Metz

    The resistance staged a spectacular operation in Amsterdam in 1943: an attack on the Registry Office. Visitors can experience this operation 75 years later at the Dutch Resistance Museum as part of the interactive exhibition Risk of Explosion! The exhibition has an extraordinary design that combines various media, such as a 3D audio tour with soundscapes, life-size graphic drawings, animated images and various interactive elements. These media enhance the experience of the exhibition and make this important and moving story from Dutch history accessible to a broad audience, especially the main target group of young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Visitors to the exhibitio…

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Wille Brusse

    Studio Louter has developed the world's first Augmented Reality tour with ARKit for the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The Philips Design Tour takes the visitor along nine challenges where he or she can walk around freely to discover the heritage of Philips design. Since 1891 Dutch and European households make use of the iconic Philips products and thanks to the Tour the visitor can step into the history of everyday life and experience the past in a unique way.