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  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Karolien Horckmans

    In the 19th century, the United Kingdom of the Netherlands experienced an unprecedented wave of poverty. The Society of Benevolence was established as a direct effort to tackle this wave. The society founded 7 agricultural Colonies within 7 years. Tens of thousands of poverty-stricken individuals were forced to work here under a strict regime. Hard work and fresh air was meant to make better people of them and return them to the straight and narrow path. In 1993, the Belgian vagrancy law was suddenly abolished. Since then, being poor is no longer punishable. The Wortel and Merksplas Colonies fell into disuse. This resulted in a unique 1000ha piece of landscape being freed up that …

  • Games & Interactive experiences

    Tinker imagineers

    The Pannerden Fortress, located furthest east on the famous New Dutch Water Line, is not taken lightly. That’s its charm, it is waiting to be discovered. Starting with the journey out – on foot, by bicycle or across the water – through unspoilt nature. Once you’re inside, the gigantic fortress opens up to you, with its endless corridors and secret stories. Tinker came up with an overall concept for experiencing the Pannerden Fortress. A new identity, with four different adventurous tracks, challenging visitors to battle the elements. One of the four adventurous tracks, challenging visitors to battle the elements, is Elements – The Real-Life Game. A unique game, truly one of a kind. It’s …

  • Film & Video

    Leonardo Leckie

    The historic centre of Florence, one of the most important cultural cities of Italy, is visited by millions of people every year. Mass-tourism and overcrowding threatens the very fabric of the city and its many cultural treasures. Produced by six students, this documentary film is an interdisciplinary project that seeks to communicate heritage values by exploring current conservation challenges. It includes interviews with key figures from the Florence municipality and UNESCO with a special focus on the Vasari frescos of Michelozzo’s courtyard in the Palazzo Vecchio.

  • App

    Wouter van der Horst

    The Rijksmuseum SnapGuide is a web based-app that acts as an engaging and educational tour guide for students visiting the Rijksmuseum. SnapGuide takes an innovative approach to stimulating learning by ditching lectures and books in favour of informal, interactive mobile tours. Inspired by the quick and informal character of camera apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, the SnapGuide is designed to connect today’s visual camera culture, with the visual culture on show at the Rijksmuseum. Rijksmuseum SnapGuide introduces art to 12-18 year olds in an new and personal way. The app features six of the Netherland’s most popular influencers who, through short video blogs, invite young people …

  • App Publisher is a user-generated content platform focused on tourism, where users can share their travel/tourism contents related to any destination in the world. By uploading contents into the platform, individual people, travel agencies, universities, tourism boards, public institutions, and others, will generate their own travel guide app, without the need of knowing anything about coding. The idea is to create a travel marketplace, app, where people share their contents, which become travel guides, through the usage of the Publisher platform. We wish to bring people together in an increasingly global world through the sharing economy. Knowing that there are many …

  • Website

    René van Blerk

    To keep up with all the changes and differences in school systems, the Van Gogh Museum developed a new education strategy which combines school programs in the museum, outreach to schools in the Amsterdam region, and online. Central in this strategy is 'Van Gogh at school - Get to know Vincent' ('Van Gogh op school - Leer Vincent kennen'), an online platform which was developed together with LessonUp. Their online tool allows users to create, share and teach diverse lessons using elements like video, weblinks and interactive quizzes. The platform facilitates and inspires teachers working in primary education (age groups 4-12 years), in both Dutch and English. Van Gogh at school offers …